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Westra Puerto Rico.jpg

"I never really understood the need for a travel agent - I can search the internet as well as anyone, right?- until Sommer. Oh boy. Imagine calling someone and telling them your dates, budget, and wants. Then you sit back and wait for her email to come. Options custom made for me. It’s miraculous. And when there’s a hiccup with a flight change or an unanticipated seaweed infestation at your destination, Sommer is on it. It almost feels indulgent to have Sommer do all the work (for an incredibly nominal fee) and then just show up at the airport. She’s honest, real, smart, and loves what she does. She’s a traveler’s dream!"

Rebekah W

Hasselbach Costa Rica.jpg

I highly recommend Sommer for planning your next vacation. Sommer is passionate about travel and loves to share her excitement with her clients. She recently planned our family trip to Costa Rica. The trip was amazing! Sommer gave us lots of options according to our budget and what we liked to do. The result was a perfectly planned experience that was stress-free, allowing us to focus on enjoying our family time.

Jill H

Fletcher Bali.jpg

Sommer recently planned an incredible 20th anniversary trip for me and my husband to Bali, Indonesia. It was the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure which was exactly what we were looking for. The accommodations she found for us were unbelievable and we wouldn't have been able to find on our own (she even got our room upgraded at no additional cost). This was the most stress-free vacation we've ever experienced because we let Sommer do absolutely all the work. We're already working with Sommer again to plan a vacation for our whole family. Highly recommend!

Holly H


Just enjoyed my first perfectly planned (14 days in four foreign countries) vacation, and it was amazing in large part because of Sommer’s organization and detailed itinerary that matched my budget and my travel personality. I highly recommend hiring her to take your vacation to the next level.

Rebecca P

Hilsmann NYC.jpeg

Recently our family wanted to go to New York. But the idea of going to the "Big City"and trying to reserve a good hotel, schedule some Broadway shows and other activities was very intimidating.  We wanted it to be perfect but didn't know all the ins and outs to have a good time and keep cost reasonable. Sommer listened to our hopes and dreams, offered suggestions and information and put together a vacation we will never forget!

Sommer laid out the itinerary so that we had a packet for each day's events. It was so organized that we never felt lost but we also had downtime to explore as well. 

Sommer also stayed connected with us during the trip and even got my son a ticket to the show "Beetlejuice" that was going to close in 2 weeks.

Sommer is great to work with. She is upbeat and positive and plans your vacation as if she was planning it for herself. She loves her work and it shows! We are definitely going to plan our next vacations with Sommer

Sherry H

Clay Bahamas.jpg

We recently returned home from a custom-tailored vacation to the Bahamas planned by Sommer and it was wonderful!! She truly listened to what we wanted and magically turned our dream vacation into a reality! Sommer is passionate about travel and is very intelligent. She truly knows just about everything about just about everywhere in the world and what she doesn’t know, she will diligently do her research to find out. Sommer got us the best deal at a 5-star resort and saved us a lot of money had we planned the vacation on our own. She arranged a private day excursion for us, where we didn’t have to worry about fighting crowds and we were able to enjoy all the islands and places to ourselves. Sommer took away all the stress, time and added expenses of travel, which was priceless and so appreciated!

Stephanie C


Sommer worked within our budget and was able to find an amazing, all-inclusive resort for us and our two young boys. She listened closely to what we were looking for and nailed it! As a result, the entire family had an absolute blast on our vacation. We will definitely be working with Sommer again.

Aaron B


"Our dreams of a Bali 20th Anniversary trip would not have come true without the help of Sommer. She went above and beyond and made sure everything was perfect! Sommer took care if every fine detail. There was no stress involved, which is a huge win for me! Definitely a trip to remember!! If you don’t use Sommer to plan your next get away, you’re missing out!"

Jacki M


"We just had an amazing 10 day trip to Norway. So many times during our journey I was so grateful that all the details were already taken care of and organized. Sommer made sure everything was in order and just how we wanted it. Our trip was worry free and amazing."

Amy E

Messa Greece Cruise.jpg

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Sommer who is an AMAZING travel advisor! I love to travel, but find the research and prep work needed completely overwhelming. She has made the process EXTREMELY easy, and we are so, so excited for our Grecian Isle cruise in May to celebrate my daughter graduating from college! I HIGHLY recommend Sommer for any and ALL of your travelling needs...she goes out of her way to make it easy, and she gets so excited for your trip...makes the whole experience FUN and EXCITING!!

Alicia M.

Tingey Honeymoon 2.jpeg

Sommer set us up with the perfect honeymoon in Akumal, Mexico. She took away about 95% of the stress that comes with planning a honeymoon in the midst of wedding planning. I felt so much more at ease knowing that I had somebody that I trusted taking care of everything and every time I had a question, she was all over it. Honeymoons can be sort of high pressure but the whole thing went off without a glitch. Flights, transportation, resort, reservations, tours, etc. were all lined up and ready to go - all I had to do was show up and enjoy.

Oliver T

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